Kaspar Tiri

Kaspar Tiri - Co-founder - Wolf3D


Co-founder, Wold3D

  • Named to Forbes 30 Under 30, Kaspar is a co-founder of Wolf3D, a company creating personal 3D avatars of people for games and VR/AR using a single selfie. Wolf3D’s goal is to provide a persistent identity for the virtual worlds. Kaspar has over 5 years of experience building virtual human technologies in various industries from gaming to telecommunication industry.
  • Creating avatars of people at the event. Requirements:
    * Dedicated space for creating avatars of people with good lighting (preferably next to registration as it allows us to give every attendee the opportunity to make an avatar of themselves). We do not have special measurements as we will be using iPhones and iPads but it should be open enough to facilitate a crowd of people.
    * Devices: 4 x iPhone X or newer (if that’s not possible, we can bring our own devices).
    * 2 x cocktail tables
    * 2 x led lamps used for photoshoot (we can bring our own equipment in case there’s none at the premise).
    * 2 x extension cords.
    * 2 or 1 x TV screen (if possible, but not required). We can market the activity on the screens.

The gaming industry is rapidly changing. Games are becoming the primary way people communicate & socialize with their friends. In this talk, Kaspar will talk about the future of gaming and what are the trends that are revolutionizing concept of online games, including the issues and opportunities. Are games like Fortnite the future social networks?