Riccard Linde - USA

Riccard Linde - Senior Director - Infinity Ward|Activision

Riccard Linde - USA

Senior Director, Infinity Ward|Activision

Riccard Linde officially entered the industry when he joined the core team as an artist and helped create Battlefield 1942. Captivated by the industry’s possibilities of creating something unique and exceptional he’s since started Art Directed titles for both the Battlefield and Call of Duty franchise and contributed to +50 games of various genres and art styles.

Mr. Linde’s is also recognized by his contribution to the industry as a XDS advisory member, Siggraph submission Juror, his published text-book, e-learning site and talks at conferences covering visual art, technical execution and production pipelines.

With 14 years of experience as a Manager and Director, Riccard has built studios and managed teams in Sweden, Canada, China and USA. Most recently, he headed up the merger of the two art teams at Activision’s studios Neversoft and Infinity Ward and directed the internal and external teams in the creation of the Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare title.