Saad Khan

Saad Khan

Founder & CEO - UAE ,
Gamers Hub Middle East

Saad Khan is the founder and CEO of Gamers Hub Middle East, an esports organization based in the UAE with a vision to elevate esports in the MENA region. With more than 2 decades years of experience working with top brands including Dell, HP, Acer, Lenovo, Samsung, Apple and more, Saad has an in-depth knowledge of brands, consumer behaviour and relationship management. Saad’s consumer-first philosophy comes from his experience as the Head of Corporate and Retail division where he helped Redington Gulf differentiate themselves in competitive sectors and grow ahead of their markets.


Always on the lookout for the next big thing, Saad stepped down from his role at Redington Gulf and ventured into Ecommerce, Artificial Intelligence and Esports. He successfully launched an Ecommerce platform called and brought in new-age AI technology from the US through a partnership with Smartek21. His start-up venture Gamers Hub Middle East (GHME) focuses on the advancement of esports in the middle east region through consistent tournaments, international standards of competition, greater brand opportunities and increased overall awareness


Gamers Hub Middle East reflects all that Saad values as an entrepreneur and a person: the aspiration to race against the odds and provide the best with an unyielding zest in every venture. His key strengths are striking strategic partnerships, a deep-rooted understanding of the market and brands. Through Gamers Hub Middle East, Saad aims to create an Esports community and a common platform between gaming brands, game publishers & developers, gaming cafes & venues and most importantly, the gamers.


When he isn’t pouring his energy into driving Gamers Hub Middle East, he enjoys traveling, adventure and competitive sports.  An Indian native residing in UAE, he holds an MBA-International Business & MIS degree from Cardiff Business School, Wales, UK.