Seriousification: How not to break immersion

Attila Szantner

CEO-Massively Multiplayer Online Science- Hungary

Massively Multiplayer Online Science- Hungary

Seriousification: How not to break immersion

15:30 - 16:00 6 March   2019

Integrating real life with your game can be a daunting challenge. There are just too many risks, too many people and participants involved whom you can’t control. And on top of that real life enters your beautifully designed game world to break immersion? No way!
Fortunately the situation is not that bad. In fact there are several successful AAA games who managed to integrate contemporary social issues, educational content or scientific research. And the result was quite the opposite – cool and enjoyable in-game content and empowered players. And a much higher impact and reach compared to conventional solutions. 
Come and hear about how CCP and MMOS in collaboration with research teams pulled off integrating citizen science in EVE Online. What resources were needed, how the project was managed, learn about game design decisions and the amazing results, and how you can do it yourself.