Meeting Platform Guide and FAQs

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As part of the DGC LIVE Digital experience, you will have full access to the new matchmaking and meeting service. It’s available for all registered participants to use in order to arrange meetings during the event, with integrated Zoom chats that are automatically scheduled for you.

The system will go live a week before the starting date of DGC Live, and you will be automatically added to it and notifed by email once you have registered for a ticket.

The email address you used to purchase your ticket is your user ID in the platform.

When you purchase your ticket to DGC Dubai, you should be sent an email with the login details.

Occasionally, spam filters can sideline genuine emails but to help get our important emails through we suggest you white list emails from

The first time you login you need to complete your profile. Fill in all the fields and select the right tags. This to ensure you become visible to other attendees and they can match with you on:

  1. Who you are
  2. Platforms you focus on
  3. What you offer
  4. What you are looking for.

In My Availability ́ you can limit your availability. You can easily block the parts of the days you do not want to be available for meetings.

  1. Built-in advanced search function
  2. Integrated Zoom conferencing
  3. All participants are visible to you and vice versa
  4. It has pages to showcase your business (“Opportunities”), where you can upload graphics and links to demo a small portfolio, and an online expo area (“Digital Expo”) where you can see Opportunities uploaded by others.
  5. When you’ve found somebody you want to connect with – of they find you – the system will automatically schedule a virtual meeting, and generate a Zoom like. Simply click on the link at the allotted time to speak with your new contact over Zoom.
  6. It will run for 24h per day from 21 to 23 June taking into consideration the different time zones of the participants.