Connecting the Global Game Development Industry

Capture opportunities is the fastest growing games market in the world. Claim first mover  advantage, by sizing market share  in this vibrant emerging market


Join stakeholders from around the world including publishers, agencies, league organisers, teams, broadcasters, and venue operators while engaging in strategic business development.

Learn to create amazing, VR and AR experiences for games and entertainment. Be inspired and share best practices and learn from experts

Join this dedicated blockchain games event and discover more. Meet people driving the change that is set to revolutionise the gaming industry

About the Conference & Expo

DGC Games Dubai is the MENA region’s premier gathering of influential gaming industry players

DGC Dubai is the MENA region’s #1 business event for the game industry. Bringing together attendees from around the world to exchange ideas and shape the future of the industry over two days of discovery, inspiration, and networking in the heart of Dubai.


Industry leaders attend DGC Dubai

Exhibit & Sponsor

Elevate your presence with your most promising prospects at DGC Dubai

Be an exhibitor and sponsor at DGC Dubai and join leading companies showcasing their latest offerings. Meet with key business counterparts and establish relations with your most promising prospects in the heart MENA region’s gaming industry.


Fast Facts - MENA Marketplace for Digital Games

Special Events

Engage and connect with your most valuable business counterparts throughout the event at DGC Dubai. Impart and collect insight in focused gatherings that bring together both showcases and audiences at the right time and the right place.

World Leading Speakers at DGC Dubai 2020

Industry leaders have come to share their insight and showcase their offerings first hand. Our speakers will present new insights, data-driven knowledge, and innovative ideas on the future of games. More speakers will be added as we progress.

Who you meet at DGC Games

Digital Games Industry Experts & Leaders

Where the world’s top game industry professional come to network, sign deals, learn about new products, and grow their business

VAS Service Providers

Monetize and discover growth audiences, acquire direct access to MENA regions booming end-user market. DGC Games is the VAS / Publishers ideal meeting place

Leading game developers and platforms

From around the world and from the MENA region, whether you are a publisher, a brand or an agency, access the information you need, to take you to the forefront of gaming.

Content Licencing

Access a world of third-party content for games licencing and beyond. Given the burgeoning MENA region’s games market, now is time to get up to date with the latest content licencing deals .

Affiliates and ad networks

Access the best performing acquisition and Install Deals you can get. With the games market being driven by the acquisition and install networks – be at DGC Games, the event where ad-booking gets done


meet with the MENA region’s influencers and access massive captive audiences. Not to be missed.

Top Attribution and Analytics

Meet first hand with world’s leading experts. Keep track of performance and learn from where your best performing ads are being driven

Agencies, Investors and Organizations

DGC Games is the meeting place to do investment deals, access grants and create collaborations with leading Agencies, Investors & Organizations form the MENA region and around the world – looking to be part of the explosive growth in digital games


DGC Esport Summit offers exceptional insight and business networking opportunities in deal making, on player and teams, event set up merchandising, fan engagement and more.


Access the MENA regions developers seeking the latest innovations in AR and VR technology. Showcase your latest offerings to your target audience, seeking to learn, create and develop VR and AR applications, and entertainment.

DGC Blockchain & Games Summit

Gathering top-tier developers, investors and publishers, DGC Blockchain & Games Summit, is the forum for evangelizing, showcasing and making deals in the burgeoning market for blockchain games.

Payment Providers

Discover a market ready to do business, where app and game publishers are looking for the latest payment innovations. With the MENA marketplace still not fully matured, DGC Dubai offers exceptional opportunity for business development and transformative insight.

Streaming / Cloud Gaming

With the world of gaming moving away from the console to Streaming and Cloud Gaming, DGC Dubai offers the gaming industry the perfect forum, at the right time and place to discuss and strike deals on the future of games in the cloud. Do miss this first mover’s opportunity.


With the massive growth seen by digital games in the world of entertainment, brand owners are turning to games to further the own products. DGC will offer brands, advertising and marketing agencies the ideal platform to meet with developers and licensors, offing the perfect opportunity to become introduced to gaming industry. Opportunities await.

DGC Dubai Media Partners

Exceptional media coverage for participants of the show

Expect exceptional advertising and media coverage of DGC Dubai 2020, with on and offline campaigns and promotions running before, during and after the show to an audience of over 46.7 million people

Strategic Media Influencer Partner

Meet with the MENA region’s leading games influencers promoting DGC Dubai 2020

Amplifying voices that send your games into overdrive, connecting your games with your most promising audiences, driving downloads and ramping up play time.

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